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Blanket Sucker

Jackson went through a brief phase of using a pacifier (they gave it to him while in the NICU and he continued to use it for about 2 months after that) and a brief phase of sucking on his thumb (that lasted all of a month maybe). He’s on to something bigger and better now…. his blanket!

Yep, Jackson is a blanket sucker. It’s actually quite funny to watch as he tries to cram just as much of his blanket into his mouth all at once. I don’t remember when this “habit” started or how long he’s been doing it. If you attempt to try to take the blanket away from him, you better be ready for a fight and some tears. If you pick up the blanket off the floor, you better be ready for a wet, slobbery and smelly piece of fabric.

Jackson is somewhat particular about which blanket he will suck/chew on. Nick and I have tried to give him a couple of different blankets that we thought would be totally acceptable. Our blankets were only met with tears though as they apparently were not the right kind of blanket.

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