Black Friday Fun

I’m home from shopping already and found some smokin’ deals! I made out like a bandit at Toys R Us and Target. I’d give you a run down on what I got, but I don’t want to spoil the surprise for my family! My sister and I met up at a slightly chaotic Toys R Us at 5am. A couple of the gifts I bought there were almost gone! I snagged the second to last on those items. Whew!

At Target my sister and I combed the aisles looking for a particular gift. I spotted a woman with two of the desired item in her cart, so I asked where she found them. She directed us to an aisle end-cap… there were only two left! I must confess, I was speed walking when I spotted them because I didn’t want someone else to snatch them first. I almost felt the victory required a high-five, but restrained myself. Ahhhh, the fun of Black Friday!

Did you shop this morning? Any awesome deals you’re pumped about?

Here’s one I can share with you – Sam’s Club is offering 100 photo cards for only $15 this weekend! You’ll have to be a Sam’s Club member to take advantage though. Nick and I will be trying to get a cute Christmas Card picture today in order to take advantage of that price!

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