Birthday Month!

Guess what? My monkeys turn 3 this month! How the heck did that happen?! In honor of this big milestone and the impending drama I hear comes with the age of 3, I have some fun up my sleeve for you, my readers! I’m busy lining up giveaways – enough for at least one a week this month, if not more. Keep your eye on the blog and the Facebook page for details! (If you have a little business and want to give something away, or know someone who does, just shoot me a message using the form on the “Contact” page.) For now, let’s talk about the end of our vacation…

Even though vacation week ended on a down note (Nick and the boys all have nasty summer colds), we did manage to have one more day of fun on Friday. After getting solid naps into the boys (because oh my, if we learned anything this week it’s that the boys do not do well with too many missed naps!), we headed to downtown KC to a little place called Crown Center.

First, we checked out the free Clifford, The Big Red Dog exhibit that’s in town. The boys loved the larger than life stuff!

After about 45 minutes of playing in there, Jackson and Tyler had had enough so I took them upstairs to the wander around the big Crayola store, while Nick stayed in the Clifford exhibit with Chase. While in the store, the boys were delighted to find a bucket of Blue, Magenta and Periwinkle! No…. not the colors… the characters from Blue’s Clues!

We also had dinner at Crown Center, at the boys’ favorite restaurant there… Fritz’s! Now let me explain something about Fritz’s: you do not go there for the food – you go for the train that brings your food. That’s right. Food is delivered by a train that runs along tracks high above your seats! The boys love it there, and amazingly enough I never pulled my camera out. Doh!

During dinner, I spotted a family with 16 month old quads sitting across from us! I told the mom it’s not often I meet a mom who has one-upped me in the multiples department. It was fun chatting with her though, and seeing young multiples again.

After dinner we headed across the street to let the boys run wild in the fountains! They, of course, had a ball!

Where did the water go, Jackson?

Just before we left, everyone cleared out of the fountains and watched a 3 minute water show that was synchronized with classical music. Tyler, especially, loved it and kept asking for more!

All in all? Awesome vacation week, even though it was “just” a staycation! The boys had fun and I’m starting this week feeling rested and refreshed. Not too mention, my nausea seems to be gone – woohoo! I even wanted and ate a tuna sandwich yesterday, and for the last couple of months the very thought of tuna has made me want to gag. Now I just need the fatigue to vanish completely (and I feel like were getting close) and I’ll be good to go!

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    looks like you had such a fun time! I’m glad you’re feeling better!ReplyCancel