Birthday Letters for the Boys

Each year I like to write each of the boys (and in January I’ll add Lily to the mix!) a letter around the time of their birthdays. Just a short little one, talking about the things they’ve learned how to do, things I love about them at that moment, etc. I think in 10-15 years we’ll get a kick out of reading them again. At least, I hope so…

Dear Jackson,

You, my dear, are such a bright spot in this house! I love the way you’ll just come up to me 3 or 4 times throughout the day and say “Mommy, I love you.” That little phrase just makes my heart burst, especially because it comes totally unprompted.

I love your little (ok, big) obsession with everything electronic. You’re constantly asking if you can play the Wii, or talking about the latest App Daddy let you buy for the iPad. And even though we’re usually dead tired and don’t want to chat during your middle of the night bathroom trips, it cracks us up that even at 2am you are ready to talk about electronics.

You seem to be our sensitive little guy – the way you’re constantly wanting to sit in our laps or cuddle up with us on the couch. I love those moments!

And who would have guessed that you would be one of Lily’s biggest fans when you were so hesitant to even touch her for the first month she was home? Your little sister adores you, that’s for sure! Your dad and I love peeking into the living room and watching you talk to Lily or trying to make her laugh. You are such a good big brother!

We can’t wait to see all of the new things you’ll learn how to do and master in the next year. You seem to learn something new each and every day.



Dear Ty,

While you may be the smallest of “the brothers” (as you all call yourselves), you have one of the biggest personalities. I have a feeling you’re destined for a life on a stage somewhere. If there’s a microphone in the room (or something that resembles one) it’s in your hand in a second, and the way you wiggle your hips around to music just cracks me up! You don’t even let a car seat stop you from dancing – I love looking over my shoulder and seeing you dance in your seat too.

The sleepy way you come out of your room in the morning, with your favorite blanket held up to your face, just makes me want to pick you up and hug you. I love that you still give us those cuddle moments, even though you’re growing up and getting so very big.

I have loved watching you develop enough patience to sit and figure out a complicated toy or puzzle. A year ago you would have only tried for about 45 seconds before moving on to something else. We can’t wait to see all of the new things and skills you’re going to learn in the next year, especially at school.



Dear Chase,

Oh you and your mischievous little smile and twinkle in your eye! I love that “look” you get when you’ve just done something you think is silly. I especially love when we do your half smile and the tiniest dimple shows up just above the right side of your mouth.

We are so impressed with the hand-eye coordination you’re developing, especially with sports! Is it wrong that I hope you play for the Red Sox someday? 🙂 You’re such a daredevil too; we couldn’t believe how daring you were at the pool this summer.

The way your brain soaks stuff up like a sponge amazes us daily. You seem to be picking up skills much faster and earlier than we thought you would. Skills like basic math and spelling. You also seem to be mighty lucky when it comes to playing games, much to the despair of your brothers!

We love you very much, little man!



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  • Kacia

    So sweet it makes me tear up a little bit! Thanks for sharing, Helen!ReplyCancel

  • Awww. I loved these. So sweet.ReplyCancel

  • Linda

    Loved this post!!! So sweet…..I’ve been reading for a while but never posted. Your children are adorable!! Please tell us….how in the world do you tell the boys apart?? I cannot see any differences at all!!!ReplyCancel

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