Birthday Fun

Jackson, Tyler & Chase’s birthday party isn’t until this coming weekend, but Nick and I wanted to do something fun with the boys on their actual birthday too. We had coupons for free kids meals at Bob Evans (courtesy of the Kids Birthday Club which you can sign your kids up for here) so that’s where we headed.

The boys thoroughly enjoyed their chicken strip and smiley face fries meal and of course their chocolate milk.

Tyler – don’t be deceived by the “C” shirt – he just likes wearing it because it has a kitty on it

Then for dessert we ordered the boys a smiley faced sundae to share!
When we got home we let the boys open the little gifts we bought them. The biggest hit? A $6 kitty Nick picked up at Target on his way home that night. The kitty was so popular we ended up stopping at Target on the way home from the boys’ 2 year appointment on Friday to snag the last two kitties there.
Everyone wanted a chance to hold the kitty so that I could take a picture of it. We got extreme close-ups as you can see!
This astounded us and cracked us up at the same time… We swear we never taught the boys to “feed” any of their animals, and yet Jackson plopped himself down on the floor, grabbed a plastic milk bottle (from their new bowling set) and proceeded to “feed” the kitty. He even had sound effects!
For those that are curious as to the pant-less appearance of our boys, yes we do clothe them. When we got home from the restaurant we rushed them all into the bathrooms and stripped them down. By the time we were done in there it was so close to bed time we didn’t bother wrestling the pants back on them.
Oh and a kitty wasn’t the only thing Nick brought home Thursday night! He also brought me flowers in honor of the boys’ 2nd birthday and for the 6 weeks of potty training “fun” I’ve been through. What a sweetie 🙂
If you don’t check in again all week (even though I know you want to), be sure to stop by on Thursday and Friday! I’ll have two awesome prizes to give away!

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