Biophsyical Ultrasound

Originally posted 7.26.07

My appointment today was long, but interesting. Nick was able to come to the appointment, which I was excited about – he hasn’t been able to make it since April! Still no bed rest for me – which is quite something I think!

First, I received a shot of Rhogam because my blood type is A-. This shot will protect both me and the babies should their blood type be positive. I’ll get this shot again at delivery.

Then we did a biophysical ultrasound on the three babies. During this long ultrasound the doctor looks at each baby to take note of their muscle tone, movement, amniotic fluid level and to see if they’re “practice” breathing. All three passed their physical with flying colors of course 🙂 The doctor also measured each baby and boy are they getting big! Baby C is still lagging behind his brothers in growth, but the doctor is not concerned. Baby A currently weighs 3 pounds, Baby B weighs 3 pounds 5 oz and Baby C is at 2 pounds 10 oz. I’m carrying around 9 pounds of baby already! No wonder I feel huge and get tired just walking to the bathroom (which is a common occurrence).

I was given some pictures from the ultrasound, but to be honest with you I don’t have a clue what they’re pictures of! I suspect they’re of random body parts (lungs or heart maybe), but because I don’t know what they are I’m not going to bother posting them. Hopefully next week we’ll get a better picture or two… it’s getting harder though because these babies are getting so big which is making it rather crowded in there.

I’ve got an appointment next Thursday (August 2nd) and will update then!

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