Best Face From 2012 {iHeartFaces}

This month’s challenge from iHeartFaces is “Best Face from 2012“. I originally tried going through all of my client photos from this year and found it was going to be way too hard to pick from all of those!

I give you, my best face from 2012….. of my own children!

This summer we took a whirlwind road trip from Kansas City to Vermont and Maine. This photo was made on a beach in Maine, about 15 minutes before a huge thunderstorm rolled in! I had promised my brother and sister-in-law that I would photograph their kids, and this was our last night in Maine. I knew I also wanted a beach picture of my own kiddos, so we set this one up, did a quick cousin shot (8 kids age 8 and under!), and then Nick hurried our kids back to the car and then on to my parents’ house. Then, in about 10 minutes time I did the world’s fastest portrait session with my 3 nieces and nephew!

The mad dash back to the cars, before the skies opened up, was great! The pictures captured in those 15 minutes on the beach are some of my favorites of our year, but the memories of how it all went down are equally as awesome.

Have a favorite face from 2012 you’d like to share? You have until this weekend! Click the button for more info.

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