Being Grumpy Stinks

Grumpy. Irritable. Highly impatient. Snappy.

Those are all adequate descriptions of my attitude and behavior yesterday.

My downward spiral into Mean Mom started at 2am, when Lily started having trouble sleeping. The day was filled with little 10-20 minute power naps here and there. I’d say she only cried about 50% of her awake time yesterday, which is a blessing but that poor little girl was so tired! At 6:30pm (so she’s now not slept much for over 16 hours) I texted Nick and said “Guess who is still awake and not happy about it”. His text back sums up the whole day with her – “Yikes”.

During all of the “fun” of trying to get Lily to sleep it started to snow. Yep. Snow. Do you realize just a week ago I was complaining about not having any shorts that fit and actually needed to find some that fit because it was so warm out? Gah! I was less than pleased to see my daffodils getting a fresh coat of snow…

Darn snow! Even though it’s pretty, it’s not welcome here anymore.That made me even more grumpy.

Anyway, back to why it stinks to be grumpy…

When I don’t sleep much I tend to get grumpy and it’s not pretty. Kinda like how I used to get when I was really hungry (I’ve reigned in that attitude a lot since becoming a mom because mom’s always eat last). I’m not fun to be around!

I knew it was going to be rough yesterday when I was starting to get snappy and irritated with the boys and it was only 8:30. Uh oh. I hate when I get snappy with them over silly little things. I can’t even remember today what they were doing yesterday that was driving me so crazy, but I know I felt terribly guilty at how I was talking to them. I really had to muster up some extra patience and try really hard to be conscience of how I was speaking to the boys. Really hard.

Life with 4 under 4 is challenging, to say the least. Fun, but challenging. It’s good a thing these kids are so cute 😉

When Lily finally crashed at 9pm (19 hours later!), I breathed a sigh of relief, thanked God that I hadn’t lost it more than I did and enjoyed the Chai Latte Nick made me. I’ve come to learn that if I can just win half of the little battles throughout the day then my patience will build and there will be seemingly fewer battles the next day. Nobody is perfect and striving for perfection was making me crazy, so shooting for 50% is much better especially when I’m being grumpy.

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