Bee Pool

This summer we’ve been using the same $4 kiddie pool we used last year. The boys have been relatively content to just run in and out of the tiny pool, but to be honest I was a little jealous I couldn’t get wet too!

We’ve been waiting and watching for the seasonal merchandise to go on sale so that we could buy something bigger and that would last another year or two. Sunday we snagged a sweet deal at Target and yesterday was the first time the boys got to play in their new “Bee Pool”.

One aspect of the pool I hadn’t considered is it’s ability to teach my children natural consequences. Yesterday I repeatedly told the boys that if they got out they had to stay out for a few minutes before asking mommy for help back in. Any time one of the started to try to climb back in on their own I would repeat “No, no. You need to ask Mommy for help. You won’t like it if you fall in.” Most of the time the boys would then firmly plant both feet back on the ground and sign and/or say “help please”.

Twice though Ty decided to be a rebel and do things his own way. And twice he ended up head first in the water and crying because it freaked him out. By yesterday afternoon he was quite good at always remembering to ask for help back into the pool!

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