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I used to take the boys to the library fairly often. In fact, even if I couldn’t take them with me (for whatever reason) I would still pick out a handful of books for them. Then something happened. Actually, two somethings happened…

First, Nick bought his iPad and the boys quickly figured out how awesome it was. They quickly downloaded a selection of books (both books that are read to them and books that Nick or I have to read for them), and that became the hot bedtime “book”.

Second, I became a, uh, delinquent library user. Ouch. I owed a whopping $1.90 for being super late returning some books, and I never could seem to remember to stop and pay.

Fast forward to last Wednesday and my mom’s group meeting, where we were read stories (seriously) and I had the sudden urge to take the boys to the library. At the meeting we were given a list of children’s books (categorized by the reading skill they help develop) and I showed it to the boys later that night. With great excitement, all 4 of us picked out which books we would try to find at the library on Friday.

Did I mention we had a very random and quick snow “storm” on Friday morning? We’re talking crazy big flakes! Obviously Chase had to play in the snow before we got in the van to go to the library.

One of the giant flakes landed in my ear, and it was quite cold! But I digress…

Our local library didn’t have all of our first choice for books, but they had enough for the boys to each get two to bring home (after I paid my over-due book fine, of course). As soon as we got home with the books, the boys ordered me to the couch where I read the first three books, and then Nick read the next three.

Jackson and Nick

Chase made things even more comfy for Nick. Ha!

The books have continued to be a big hit, 2 in particular (There Are Cats In This Book and Bubble Gum, Bubble Gum). The other night the boys wanted to read them at bedtime… instead of the iPad! For some reason they read the books in the hallway.

While blurry, the look on Lily’s face just kills me here! She kept tipping over backwards, on purpose, and it was cracking her up.

More Lily silliness.

Speaking of Lily, she’s become quite the little walking expert in the last couple of weeks! Check out this action of her cruising around the kitchen at breakfast yesterday. (I took this with my new camera – yep, it does video too! It’ll take some getting used to, especially controlling the focus.)

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  • Torona Reynolds

    Lily is walking so good!!! All of your kids are so cute!! Yay for reading time. It is so important!! 🙂ReplyCancel

    • Thanks, Tonora! I love that the boys have been running to me with actual books to read the last few days!ReplyCancel

  • I’m so glad to see the books coming out again and I love the picture of Chase leaning over the back of Nick while he reads to Jackson! It is a most precious picture! Oh and are those the Chik Fil-a watches they got at Christmas? I can’t believe they still have them.ReplyCancel

    • Those are the same watches! One of them bit the dust right away (it got wet), but two of them still work and are worn daily.ReplyCancel