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Time for a baby girl update! Yesterday I had a doctor’s appointment and today I hit the 30 week mark. As requested (on the Facebook page), here are some shots of my growing belly…

My weight gain has been right on track, which I’m happy with. I was really concerned it would be easy for me to fall back into packing on the pounds like I did with the boys (and was supposed to do), but so far so good! I’m measuring a touch bigger than 30 weeks, but that doesn’t surprise me considering how, uh, stretched I already was from my pregnancy with the boys.

Yesterday my blood pressure was rather high, which was a first for me (even with the boys). When I walked into my appointment it was 150 over 80, so they waited a bit and took it at the end of the appointment and it had only fallen to 147 over 80. Normally I’m right around 120 over 70. I haven’t had any swelling and (this might be TMI for some) my urine was clean (they look for proteins), so my doctor wants me just to check my BP a few times a week if possible. I’m supposed to either borrow a BP Cuff from someone or just use those little machines you find near pharmacies. If it stays elevated I’m to call her, but she’s hopeful that it was just a fluke yesterday.

Yesterday I also took the dreaded glucose screening test. That orange drink is just nasty! Bleh! No news is good news on the gestational diabetes front, so hopefully I won’t hear anything. I passed the 1 hour test with the boys, so I’m hoping that’s the case this time around too.

Most exciting thing that happened yesterday though? Not only did I schedule another ultrasound to happen in 2 weeks (to check on the fluid levels around her kidneys), but I scheduled my c-section date! Unless she decides to come earlier, baby girl will arrive on February 3rd! February 3rd is just 9 weeks away and I have a hunch it’s going to fly past – especially the next month. Perhaps Nick and I should begin talking about names…

The boys’ excitement is building, and Tyler and Chase were lucky enough to feel her kicking this past weekend. Tyler’s face was priceless when he felt it and Chase started giggling when he felt it. He said “it feels funny!”. Jackson isn’t patient enough to hang around and wait for a kick.

What’s for Dinner Wednesday will return next week! I just have had zippo dinner inspiration since Thanksgiving.

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  • Beautiful pic with the boys!

    Watch that bp; it can be serious stuff. Yay for Feb 3rd!ReplyCancel

  • so exciting! hope the bp goes down. pre-e is what got me with the boys.

    i always think it’s funny when triplet moms have a belly with a singleton pregnancy. i realize this is nonsensical of me, but i feel like after having three, one shouldn’t even make you pop out! (i know, it’s dumb.)ReplyCancel

  • It would be fun for you to post belly pics with the boys vs. the girl. 🙂 Watch that BP. I’m sure it was just a fluke. I remember one time my was a little higher than normal, but it went back down. Just try to breathe and relax…right?!ReplyCancel

    • Hmmmm! Interesting idea Renee! I’ll have to look and see what I have. I think the last belly shot I have with the boys was from when I was about 26 weeks. I was depressingly large and didn’t want any more at the time. LOL!ReplyCancel

  • Glad to hear everything is going well. Hope you bp goes back down.

    Funny – my doc’s office won’t use the orange drink. They told me it was the one that was puked up the most.ReplyCancel

  • How exciting!! You look fantastic and I’m so happy to hear that everything is going well! Hearing your stories remind me of my pregnancy with Isabelle and how the trio reacted and anticipated her arrival. This past weekend she turned 1! Time goes all too fast…I hope you enjoy the last 9 weeks and make the most of each moment! BTW…my b-day is Feb 1st, so from one Aquarius to another, “way to grow little one”!ReplyCancel

  • I love that last picture with you, your belly & the boys. Was it a timer – or did someone take the shot for you?

    Keep an eye on that BP! It’s not something you want to mess with.ReplyCancel

  • So cool that the boys are feeling the baby kick! And I hope you can try to take it a little bit easy and get that BP down. Take care of yourself! 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Aww! I love that last photo. Too cute!ReplyCancel

  • […] back or by using the timer). Tricky business! Granted, just last week I posted the picture of the boys surrounding my pregnant belly, but including myself in pictures is not something I do very often. This past fall though, while […]ReplyCancel