Baby Girl Is Here!

I know a few of you were suspicious of this because of the silence on the blog…

At 9:27 am today, our baby girl entered the world!

The tale of her arrival involves what appeared to be the stomach flu, two drives to the hospital in the middle of a snow storm and Nick sleeping on a fold out chair that supposedly resembled a bed.

Oh, and she doesn’t have a name yet. We’re close though!

She arrived at 37 weeks – 2 weeks before our scheduled c-section date.

Weight: 7 pounds 10 oz
Length: 19 inches

I’m in love. Nick is in love. The boys are in love.

The whole tale, plus pictures will come when I can use the laptop instead of this iPad.

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  • I’m crying, I’m so happy for all of you! Can’t wait to hear all about the birth (and her name!); Love to all!ReplyCancel

  • So happy for you!! Glad she is here and healthy. Can’t wait to hear the details and see photos.ReplyCancel

  • Nanette

    Congratulations!!!!! Can’t wait to hear all the details and see her precious face. 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Jenna

    Congratulations! So excited! She was born on my little brother’s birthday! How wonderful!ReplyCancel

  • Cam

    SO happy for you! Did you still end up having the c-section, I assume?! I can only imagine all the smiles from the boys =) I hope you are well and can’t wait to hear more details!ReplyCancel

  • Charlotte

    WOW! Congratulations, enjoy every moment 🙂 Lots of love from the UKReplyCancel

  • kdliberty

    Congratulations!! I wonder what was up. I am glad it was just time for baby girl!ReplyCancel

  • Awww! Can’t wait to see pics! And she shares my Birthday! Happy Birthday Baby Girl! Very happy for all of you!ReplyCancel

  • Susan Schnitzler

    Congratulations! So happy to hear everyone is happy, healthy and in love! Can’t wait to see pictures!ReplyCancel

  • Jen

    what wonderful news. Congrats to you, Nick, Tyler, Jackson and Chase. Looking forward to hearing her name.ReplyCancel

  • Congratulations!!ReplyCancel

  • Congratulations Helen, Nick, Jackson, Chase, and Tyler! Can wait to see pictures of your precious baby girl. I hope you’re all taking good care!ReplyCancel

  • Congratulations!!!!!! Wow – what a good weight for 37.2 weeks. Can’t wait to hear more.ReplyCancel

  • Cindy in San Antonio

    Congratulations on a sweet Baby Girl! Waiting for photos!ReplyCancel

  • Congratulations on your new baby girl!!!ReplyCancel

  • Wow! That’s the last thing I expected when I clicked on your blog. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!ReplyCancel

  • belle


  • Nellie Bragg

    How exciting! What wonderful news! We are thrilled for you, Nick, and the boys! Blessings to all.ReplyCancel

  • Laurie

    Oh my goodness!! Congratulations!!!!! I’m so glad you’re both doing well and that baby girl arrived safe and healthy!ReplyCancel

  • Congratulations! :>DReplyCancel

  • Yay! So happy for all of you! Congrats on your new little bundle of joy!ReplyCancel

  • Kelley

    Congratulations!!! Can’t wait to see pictures! 🙂ReplyCancel

  • So happy for all of you!!! I was checking like crazy yesterday and then this morning…I actually shouted out in joy for you all! What a wonderful blessing! And now you will know what it is to hold, cuddle, feed, change one precious little bundle.:) Congrats again!!!ReplyCancel

  • Alex

    Congratulations to all of you! What a blessing!ReplyCancel

  • Nikki

    Oh, congratulations! I can’t wait to hear her name and see her pictures! Congrats again! ^^ReplyCancel

  • Oh My Gosh. I am so excited for yall….can’t wait to see pictures and read your future posts. Enjoy that sweet baby girl!!!!!ReplyCancel