Baby Excitement

A comment left here on the blog this past weekend reminded me that I never shared what the boys’ reactions were to the news of a baby sister (instead of brother)!

Before the ultrasound, the boys knew we were going to be finding out soon whether the baby was a girl or a boy. The consensus was that they hoped it would be a girl or sister. Imagine my surprise then when I told the boys it was a little girl, so they’d be having a sister, and Chase frowned, got whiny and said “but I wanted a brother!”.

I said “but Chase, you already have two brothers! Don’t you want a sister too?”

He looked at me with those big eyes and shook his head ‘no’ and insisted again that he wanted a brother. Then I thought of something. The “sisters and brothers” game they like to play! Basically, they all hug each other and say over and over “sisters and brothers”, even though I have repeatedly reminded them they don’t have a sister. (You can watch a video of it here.)

“You know what though, Chase? Now you can play the sisters and brothers game and actually have a sister to play with you!”

That sealed the deal for him and he broke out into a huge grin. The boys studied the ultrasound pictures the whole way home and were pretty excited by the time we got home. Now the bulk of the excitement is centered around waiting for the day they can feel the baby kicking. They can’t wait for that! It melts my heart when they come up to me and put their ear to my belly to see if they can hear the baby.

On the shopping front I’ve shown great restraint, so far… I will confess though, yesterday when I thought I might have to wait around in Target for a prescription I figured I’d probably break down and buy something. Good thing that didn’t pan out!

Speaking of Target and prescriptions, Chase is sick. I thought for sure he had strep (thus why I thought we’d need a prescription), but the test came back negative. Poor kid was miserable yesterday and did a whole lot of laying on the couch.

He seems perkier today, although he still has a low fever (100 this morning). Now the hope is to somehow keep the other two from catching it.

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