Awesome Giveaway Opportunity!

On Monday I mentioned a nifty company/website I recently discovered, called Baby Gizmo. (If you missed the mention on Monday, please go back, scroll to the bottom of that post, and read it! I need your votes!) I found Baby Gizmo when I was starting to research car seats and strollers, and they have been an awesome resource! They have editor and mom reviews of tons of baby stuff and even a nifty little feature that tells you the current lowest prices online for various products.

Ok, so in addition to the fantastic resource they are for all things baby and small child, they also give away tons of stuff! I’m not talking cheapo little things either… no, they give away big prizes every week to their Facebook Fans and people who have logged into their website.

Starting today they’re having their 12 Days of Christmas giveaway! Each day there are amazing new prizes to win, which can all be found HERE. Entering couldn’t be easier either… just sign up for Baby Gizmo and log into their site each day. Easy as pie! You can earn extra entries by Tweeting, commenting on their Facebook Page, posting about the contest on your own Facebook Page, etc.

Know what’s extra fun, if you have a blog? Blogging about the contest (like I am) not only earns you an extra 5 entries per day but it also enters you to win a $250 Visa Gift Card! How sweet would that be?! Know what I’d do with that $250? A good chunk of it would go right back into the blog and redesigning it.

What are you waiting for? Get thee to Baby Gizmo, sign up and start entering to win! Tomorrow I’ll have a giveaway from you from a new Etsy shop!

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