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Mom to identical triplet boys who were born in August 2007 and a girl born in January 2011

Best Part of Summer

If you ask the boys what their favorite part of summer was, you’re likely to hear “everything!”, or “all ofView full post »

Introducing Gus

As I mentioned on our Summer Bucket List post last week, we checked off a really big item this summer – we got a dog! A little backView full post »

2014 Summer Bucket List

Summer has been here for nearly a month now…. how is time flying past this quickly?! On June 2nd the boys finished up their year ofView full post »

Our Newest Chore System

Anyone that’s read my blog over the years knows I’m a big fan of changing things up whenever needed. I may be stubborn in a lotView full post »

Just Lily

Let’s see…. Lily turned 3 in January, which means it only took me 3 months to finally take her 3 Year pictures! Really though, itView full post »

What We’ve Been Up To

I’ve noticed that as the kids get older, life seems to “get away” from me a little quicker. That fact that I finally gotView full post »

Summer Vacation…. 2013

Seems like Spring Break 2014 is as good a time as any to finally getting around to posting pictures from our week of summer vacation lastView full post »

Marching Again

Two years ago (the last time we participated in the March for Babies), my awesome friends, family and blog readers helped us collectView full post »

A BooksTo.Me Giveaway

You guys. I have been bursting to tell you about this brand new service for months now! I was lucky enough to be chosen as a beta tester,View full post »

A Snow Day Game

Snow days are rather fun, when they happen one or two at a time. When they come 3, 4, or even (gasp!) 5 days in a row (and yes, tomorrowView full post »

The Birthday Girl, A Picnic Party, & A Letter

Ah, sweet, sweet Lily! How is it that she’s three years old already?! She turned 3 back on January 20th; I’ve just beenView full post »


I have a confession. In the last 18 months or so, I’ve become quite the yeller. I knew I was turning into a yeller, and I would chillView full post »