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Mom to identical triplet boys who were born in August 2007 and a girl born in January 2011

2014 Christmas Card & Letter

Dear Family and Friends, In the interest of full disclosure, I need to tell you it is not Nick writing the annual letter this year.View full post »

St. Louis Family Vacation

So, it’s December…. and really almost 2015. Seems like a good time to finally post pictures from our July vacation, right? Ha!View full post »


Trick or Treat!

Seeing as I’m so awesome at blogging things 6 months after they happen, I thought I’d change things up and post our HalloweenView full post »


Triplets Together in School

How is it October already?! My boys have been in school for almost 2 full months now, so that tells you how long I’ve been meaning toView full post »

Best Part of Summer

If you ask the boys what their favorite part of summer was, you’re likely to hear “everything!”, or “all ofView full post »

Introducing Gus

As I mentioned on our Summer Bucket List post last week, we checked off a really big item this summer – we got a dog! A little backView full post »

2014 Summer Bucket List

Summer has been here for nearly a month now…. how is time flying past this quickly?! On June 2nd the boys finished up their year ofView full post »

Our Newest Chore System

Anyone that’s read my blog over the years knows I’m a big fan of changing things up whenever needed. I may be stubborn in a lotView full post »

Just Lily

Let’s see…. Lily turned 3 in January, which means it only took me 3 months to finally take her 3 Year pictures! Really though, itView full post »

What We’ve Been Up To

I’ve noticed that as the kids get older, life seems to “get away” from me a little quicker. That fact that I finally gotView full post »

Summer Vacation…. 2013

Seems like Spring Break 2014 is as good a time as any to finally getting around to posting pictures from our week of summer vacation lastView full post »

Marching Again

Two years ago (the last time we participated in the March for Babies), my awesome friends, family and blog readers helped us collectView full post »