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Mom to identical triplet boys who were born in August 2007 and a girl born in January 2011

What We Say Matters

When I picked my four up from school this afternoon, the first thing out of their mouths was to proudly tell me they’d voted today.View full post »

Seeing Through the Tears – Sending the Baby to Kindergarten

It’s only 9:36am and I’m already nearly cried out. Today is the first day of school. Lily, my baby, started Kindergarten. HereView full post »

They Keep Growing

I feel like the realization has smacked me in the face (and heart) over the last month or so more times than I can count. These boys ofView full post »

The Things We Love

I’m a day late and a dollar short in posting this… ok, I’m 3 days late. Whatever. Thankfully Nick understands the levelView full post »

Striving for a Simple Summer

Did you hear? School is out! Yes – already. Usually this is the time of year we’d be sitting down to write out our summerView full post »

Before & Afters, after completing a Bikini Body Mommy 90 Day Challenge

Finally, Real Progress

I’ve been on quite the up and down, hot and cold, on and off, journey to health in the last 8 years. I’ve tried the gym,View full post »

Can We Get a Little Help?

The school my boys attend, and that Lily will attend beginning in August (what?!) needs some help with a project, so I’m turning toView full post »

They See Me

On January 4th I embarked on yet another effort to improve my health and fitness. I do this a lot, but I rarely stick with it for long.View full post »

Our first Disney vacation

We’ve been home from Walt Disney World for a little over 7 weeks now. Sigh. I think every one of us wishes we could go back rightView full post »

The Crazy In My House

Last night my family attended our usual church service, and considering it was our weekend to usher as a family, we all (well, most of us)View full post »

That Time We Pulled Off A Surprise Trip to Disney World

Almost a year and a half ago, Nick and I both had a “man, our kids (especially the boys) are growing up so fast all of aView full post »

A Funny Thing Happened at the Party…

Yesterday was the boys’ 8th birthday party (their birthday was on Thursday). We had a ball climbing and playing on an awesomeView full post »