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Mom to identical triplet boys who were born in August 2007 and a girl born in January 2011

Random B&W Favorites

I’ve been digging through my photo folders this week, and came across some favorites from last November, and they just happen to allView full post »


Nobody Told Me

We’re coming up on the 8 year anniversary of the “no… it looks like there are 3!” ultrasound. Ooooh, boy. How timeView full post »

Visitors From Vermont

As I was drifting off to sleep last night, it suddenly dawned on me that I had forgotten to post something here. Darn! Anyway, last weekView full post »

Breaking Ground

Tonight our family had the amazing privilege of witnessing the ground breaking of our church’s sanctuary! It’s been a snowy dayView full post »

Thinking Warm Thoughts

I’m tired of being cold, and I bet others are too, so I’m going to post more pool shots The pool water itself was ratherView full post »

Jumping Jackson

Flying Jackson

And yeah, I kinda wonder if that hurt when he landed…View full post »

Zoo day!

Today ended up being a beautiful, decently warm day here in Kansas City (and we won’t talk about the fact the temperature plummetedView full post »

Decor That Warms My Heart

Ok, first of all, can I just say how impressed I am with myself that I’ve actually managed to blog something each day for a fullView full post »

She’s Silly

There’s a reason we call her Silly Lily around here! The girl is a non-stop riot! She and have I have lots of silly conversations,View full post »


My Inner Critic

I have a little critic in my head. Actually, to be fair I live with 4 tiny little critics in my house, but they only like to be criticalView full post »

Sick Day

Poor Lily woke up this morning with a runny nose, and nasty sounding cough. While the rest of the family headed out for an early morningView full post »

When Lily Started School

Further proof that I really don’t take enough “real” pictures of my own family… know how many pictures are in myView full post »