Apple Picking!

This has been the year of fruit-picking firsts here! First, this summer we all went blueberry picking (which was a huge hit) and today we all went apple picking! Before we headed out (because it’s not like this orchard was right down the road) I had to confirm they even still had apples for picking. Thankfully, they did! (Their website warned that they’re often picked out by mid-September.) For those of you in Kansas City, Weston Red Barn Farm is great! In addition to the apples, they had tons of pumpkins on display (and for sale) and a big farm area with animals you could look at.

When we arrived at the counter to pick up our baskets and directions to which orchards still had apples in them, we were warned of two things. 1. They were pretty well picked over, so we might have to hunt for good apples. 2. They don’t spray their apples, so these wouldn’t look like the apples in the store.

Chase, showing off his bucket after he picked his first apple.

Jackson, picking his first apple.

Tyler, showing off an apple.

We had fun tromping through the damp grass, and avoiding the rotten apples on the ground. Definitely a fun morning! I also loved the gorgeous butterflies that were all around!

All in all, a fun and productive morning! We picked close to 20 pounds of Golden Delicious, Jonathon and Gala apples and enjoyed some Apple Slush in the little shop at the farm. I now have a huge crock pot of apples, cooking down to applesauce! Yum!

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  • RoseAnne

    Congratulations on finding a no-spray orchard! Great pictures. That is an incredible butterfly. 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Mackenzie

    If you have told the boys how are they reacting to knowing that you are having a baby girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!ReplyCancel

  • Ally

    Helen, I love that last picture of the boys!! it is so cute!!ReplyCancel

  • Looks like fun! gorgeous pic of the butterfly. looks professional!ReplyCancel

  • christina

    Helen what’s jackson’s shirt say on this pics?ReplyCancel

    • Christina, it says “Faith Wars, May the Christ Be With You”. It was the theme at our church’s Vacation Bible Camp this year and Nick brought home t-shirts for the boys 🙂ReplyCancel