And There Was Great Rejoicing

The boys get to go to Sonic on a weekly basis, assuming they’ve earned enough stars on their star chart. They love these weekly trips and enjoy concocting weird drink combos. My, uh, “favorite” creation of theirs was Sprite and apple juice. *gag*

A few months ago Chase noticed a drink on their website that was bright green. Problem was, the drink wasn’t labeled so we didn’t know what it was. About a month ago that same green drink showed up on signs at Sonic and the boys started asking for the green drink. I tried explaining that I didn’t know what it was, but they wouldn’t let up.

A couple of weeks ago I asked at Sonic what the green drink was and the guy on the intercom laughed and said they weren’t sure. Great. Don’t you know I have car full of boys that want the green drink?!

Guess what? We’ve figured it out..

Doesn’t it look delicious? Kinda resembles a slushy anti-freeze. It does lovely things to tongues too…

I’m sure you all want to rush right out and buy this for your child(ren) now, so I’ll let you in on the secret combo… Orange slush and blue coconut slush. Yep. That’s it. We tried it first with orange soda and blue coconut flavor and while it did give us green drinks, it was a dark green. To get the bright green you have to get slush.

Later today we’ll be stopping by Sonic to get Jackson his weekly drink and I bet I know what he’ll be ordering!

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  • pop pop

    OH, I can’t wait to go to Sonic with you all !! That first picture gives the perspective that the cup is close to a five gallon bucket size. Funny stuffReplyCancel