And So It Begins

True story: The very first thing that went through my mind when it was confirmed that I was carrying 3 boys, was “Crap! My brother was so accident prone – what am I in for?!”. Images of Breck falling down stairs, racing his bike down the grassy hill and falling off his bike, getting his head caught in the sliding door of our van, riding his bike home with a fish hook stuck in his leg, etc flew through my mind. That, times 3, terrified me.

Last night, during dinner something happened that seems to happen several times a week with our boys. One minute they’re all sitting at the table and the next someone has mysteriously fallen off a chair and is laying on the floor. Usually the faller gets back up and sits at the table and Nick and I look at each other and just shake our heads. How the heck do they keep just randomly falling off the chair!? (Ok, a lot of it is that they don’t just sit; they wiggle, they kneel, they sit sideways…)

This time though, Jackson didn’t jump back up, instead he started crying. Nick scooped him up and we discovered a bloody chin, which is amazing considering all he hit was the wood floor. Apparently he hit it just right and just hard enough to split open his chin a bit (sorry, I hope none of you were trying to eat while reading this). The bleeding slowed to almost a stop pretty quickly, but we looked at it and the gap was wide and looked like something out of a simple bandaid’s league.

So Jackson and I headed out to the local Children’s hospital (which I love, love, love that we have here!) and on the way there I gave him a little pep-talk. Oh, and it didn’t hurt that he was pretty excited about Nick handing me the iPad on our way out the door!

I’ll spare you a picture of the wound, but I can tell you this – Jackson did awesome! He let the nurses look when they needed to look. He laid patiently on the table while the nurse applied the numbing jelly and then the tape-like bandaid.

While we waited for the numbing jelly to work, a nurse came in with some toys and “supplies” to talk to Jackson about what the doctor was going to do. Jackson was so stinkin’ cute during this! His quiet little voice and responses were just killing me! I seriously had to cover my mouth a couple of times so that he didn’t see me giggling.

When it was finally time, a nurse wrapped Jackson in a big blanket so that he wouldn’t be able to flail, and I told him he looked like he was swaddled, which he thought was hilarious. He closed his eyes, stopped talking, and lay perfectly still while the doctor worked on him. I was so proud of the way that kid handled the whole thing!

Just before the doctor started, he asked Jackson if he had a good Christmas.

Jackson: Yes! I got presents!

Doctor: What was your favorite?

Jackson: Hot Wheels tracks that stick to the wall, but Santa couldn’t find it so Mommy had to. 

Halfway through the stitches, one of the nurses said she was going to go find him a special prize for being so good and brave. She came back with two Hot Wheels for J Man to pick from (which excited him a great deal).

There we have it, 4 stitches in his chin. Sadly, because of the location of the cut the doctor felt it best to not use the dissolving stitches, so I’ll have to take Jackson back in a week to have them removed.

And there he is, with his prize and a “bath toy” (the giant syringe they used to clean out the cut).

I really wish he would have done this on Saturday though – then the visit would have been covered because we’d already met our health insurance deductible for 2011! Ha!

I’m sure this is the first of many visits to the ER for these boys, and honestly it’s a miracle it hasn’t happened sooner. Oh, and Jackson says he was reaching for the carrot he dropped, when he fell off the chair. Hopefully this doesn’t ruin carrots for him 😉

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  • Melinda Weissman

    You are lucky it took this long! My first trip to the ER with Ben was when he was 18 months old- he was climbing on his father’s recliner and his foot slipped off in just the right way that he cause buckle fractures in both lower bones of his right leg (at that age, they don’t break, they only bend or “buckle”). He ended up in a cast for 6 weeks.

    Glad Jackson did so well!ReplyCancel

  • Oh, my! What a beginning for 2012! One of our twins seemed to be accident-prone. She would trip over her own feet, and needed four stitches between her eye brows at a week past one year old! Then she knocked out a front tooth! She later added a couple of fractures in her left foot and nine stitches for a cut on the side of her knee! She has, however, survived and is now the 37-year old mother of two!ReplyCancel

  • Erin Stillion

    Sounds very much like our visit to Children’s Mercy last April. Callie has a matching syringe! They do an awesome job there, and it’s so worth going to where they deal with kids every day, because thy just know how to deal with them. Great job Jackson!ReplyCancel

  • pop pop

    Wow what a trooper !! Save some dough and take the stitches out yourself. It is really easy and actually tickles. As long as it doesn’t look all red and infected. I have taken stitches out lots of times. Do you remember your Mom taking giant staples out of the wound in my back from my back surgery ?ReplyCancel

    • Oh yes, I remember the staples! The price of the removal was “built in” to the original visit though and they said we won’t have to wait either, so I might as well let the pros do it 😉ReplyCancel