An Evening of Family Fun

Sunday evening Nick found someone to cover for him at work, so that we could have a fun family night out at the zoo! Normally the zoo closes by 5pm, but Sunday night was a special night just for members of the zoo! There was entertainment, food specials and freebies. The boys were so excited to go, especially when we started the night on the train….

Then we did something the boys had never done before…. we rode a boat! The 10 minute boat tour was full of cheesy jokes by the guide and we didn’t see all that many animals, but the boys loved being on a boat.

After the boat ride we found a new-to-us place to eat our picnic dinner. There was no one else up there most of the time we were there and we had a nice view of the little lake. Nick said “doesn’t this remind you of Maine?”. Uh, not quite but it was pretty at least. Here’s Chase offering me some of his cantaloupe.

During dinner, Nick helped himself to my camera. Wouldn’t you know the one in-focus shot he got was of me? Lovely.

After dinner we headed to a part of Africa we actually hadn’t visited before. The boys loved it! The animals were closer, so easier to see and it was nice and shady. The boys paused at one point for a heart-melting moment that I was just lucky enough to capture.

Then Jackson stomped in a big, muddy puddle even after Nick and I both told the boys not to step in it. He then proceeded to walk around the zoo like this, and complained that his legs were dirty.

After a couple of hours of fun, we joined the masses waiting for the tram back to the main gate. I’m pretty sure the boys would be happy if a trip to the zoo just meant rides on the train and tram….

Definitely a fun, family night!

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