All I Want For Christmas…

All I want for Christmas right now is a healthy family! We’ve only got a couple of days to get it together here, especially if I’m going to get to take the boys to the kid’s Christmas Eve Service (held on Christmas Eve Eve).

First, the stomach bug hit Chase on Saturday morning. He never ran a fever though, just got sick 3 times and then spent the bulk of the day curled up in Grandma’s lap.

On Sunday, all three boys were completely fine and we went to bed hoping that Chase’s illness was either a fluke or we’d really kept it away from the other two.

At 4am on Monday Jackson ran into our room to say he didn’t feel well, and sure enough we rushed him to the bathroom and he got sick. Then I sat up with him on the couch from 4am to shortly after 6am when Nick took over so I could grab another hour of sleep. Jackson got sick one more time in the morning and then spiked a really high fever (we’re talking 104.3 here). He kept complaining his belly felt icky and his head hurt, but I knew if I gave him any medicine for the fever he’d just throw it all up 10 minutes later. Thankfully, the fever broke on it’s own after about an hour, and when it dropped to about 102 I was able to give him half a dose of Tylenol (it’s all he would take).

By 2pm yesterday Jackson was bugging me for food and drinks and acting totally normal. Sweet! His being sick did mean I missed all of the wedding dress shopping fun, which bummed me out royally. Especially when I found out my sister found her dress and bought it. I knew Jackson needed me though.

Then, at 7:45pm last night Chase complained his belly hurt. I figured it was from chugging a bunch of juice an hour earlier, until he got sick all over the floor. That’s when I finally cried and frantically started trying to call Nick to beg him to head home if he wasn’t on his way all ready. While he didn’t answer his cell phone, he did pull in about 2 minutes later. Whew! Nothing like reinforcements!

Chase hung out on the couch until about 8:30 and seemed to be back to his normal self, so I’m still thinking it was the juice last night that did him in.

3:45am this morning Jackson comes into our room crying that his belly hurt. We took him to the bathroom, but nothing happened other than hearing him cry about how much it hurt. After about 10 minutes whatever was bothering him seemed to pass and we put him back to bed. This morning his fever is back, but not as high (only 101.4 this time), thank goodness!

The question is, when will Chase and Jackson be totally healthy? Will they give this to Tyler? If so, can it hit today please so that we can just get it over with? All I want for Christmas is a healthy family!

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  • I’m sorry to hear that the boys haven’t been feeling well. I hear you on wanting healthy kids for Christmas…there isn’t anything else I’d rather have for Christmas!!! : ) Hope you are all feeling better soon…and that YOU stay healthy!ReplyCancel

  • Awww! So sorry. Hope they all feel better soon. We always get sick around Christmas.ReplyCancel

  • I hope the healthy bug finds you all soon!! Merry Christmas to you guys!ReplyCancel