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Seeing as I went so terribly long without blogging, I thought I should do a quick catch-up on each kiddo. And considering she just celebrated a birthday earlier this month, we’ll start with Miss Lily!

Lily is 8.

Eight, you guys. How did that happen? It certainly doesn’t feel like it’s been that many years since she surprised us by arriving 2 weeks ahead of her scheduled c-section date, and during a Kansas City snowstorm. It doesn’t feel like that many years since we struggled to come up with the perfect name for her. Yet here we are; 8 years old and more than halfway through the second grade!

For those completely unaware, Lily is still full on obsessed with Mickey Mouse. He was top priority for character visits when we returned to Disney World last February, we of course had to watch his 2 hour long 90th birthday special on TV this fall (and make Mickey Mouse cookies for the occasion), and her Mickey stash continues to grow and shove her out of bed (this picture was taken last April, and her collection has grown so much since then, I do believe we need a re-do!)….

Lily ventured into the team sports world finally, starting with basketball last winter. She loved basketball, and is playing again now (with Nick coaching her, of course) but thanks to back to back weeks of cancelations due to weather, followed by her getting sick the next, she’s yet to play this season.

Last spring/summer she tried softball for the first time and was completely hooked! I think it’s all those years of playing ball with her brothers in the front yard…

She showed amazing hustle on the field – making contact when hitting, speed around the bases, and making every effort to make the big plays (even when the ball was way over her head 😉 ) in her position next to the pitcher. I lost count of the number of double plays she made in that spot – catching a fly ball and then throwing a runner out at home!

Her team spirit and excitable attitude really made the season though! Nothing cuter than a bunch of 1st-3rd graders jumping up and down, cheering for their teammates!

Lily drew the bird on their banner!

Lily also has joined the children’s choir at church, and while I could see her nerves those first few times they sang in church, she was completely comfortable up there when they did their big Christmas musical!

She lost her two front teeth this fall, which means Nick and I had to fully face the fact that our little girl was growing up fast. Sigh.

She loves the Royals, and the Chiefs, building with Legos, playing with all of her stuffed animals & dolls, and going to church. Oh, and she thinks her cousin Lucas is pretty much the greatest little human ever. (No offense, other cousins – she just gets to watch him grow up!)

Lily has the most amazing, joyful spirit you ever will see. She giggles freely, is generous with her possessions and her heart, is friends with everybody, and everybody lights up when they see her enter a room.

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  • Heather

    She sure does look like her brothers.  She looks like quite the bundle of energyReplyCancel