A Weekend Picture Palooza!

11/1/10 4:50pm It seems only 8-10 people are having viewing issues with the blog lately. I moved the ads over to the right hand side around noon today in hopes it would help. Apparently my attempt at saving space with this post by getting fancy with the picture set-up has backfired terribly and those same 8-10 are now seeing pictures overlapping. I’m beginning to suspect the issue is a screen resolution/sizing issue as I’ve had people using all sorts of browsers, computer models, etc and the majority do not have a problem. Sadly, I can’t figure out how to remedy that on my end – I’m not tech savvy enough. Some day I’ll have $85 to burn and will buy a template that is much easier to use and hopefully this will no longer be an issue. For now, I’ll try to stick to simply post/picture set-ups and keep the ads all the way over to the right.

Mom blogs across America are going picture heavy today! There was just too much cuteness in this house to not join in… I present to you, our weekend of Halloween fun!

Friday Night – Pumpkin Carving!

Saturday Night – Free Kid’s Meal at Chick Fil A for all kids under 12 in costume! (The guy taking our order knew instantly that the boys were mice, despite the fact we hadn’t put any face paint on them that night. He kept telling the boys to watch out because there was a cat in the restaurant.)

Sunday Night – Trick or Treating! While Trick or Treating seems to be a bust in our neighborhood now, the boys did have fun going to the 5-6 houses we found with porch lights on. I took them to the first 3 and then Aunt Laura (dressed as a Lobster in a pot) took them to a few more.

I wish I’d remembered to take a picture of the boys from behind, so you could see their tails! I obviously went the low-maintenance and cheap route for costumes this year. We already had the hoodies, so I just bought some pants (yes, I know they’re not the same color gray), some face paint and some fabric remnants for the tails and ears. Originally the boys were going to Trick or Treat in their sunglasses too, but when we walked outside they said they couldn’t see and I didn’t think I should be leading three blind children around the neighborhood, so we took them off.

All in all, a fun weekend! I feel badly that Nick had to miss out on taking the boys around this year, but he had to work (he entertained a whopping 10 elementary students at church, when normally they have more than 10 times that). Chase seemed ready for more candy hunting, when this morning he asked if we could go to an Egg Patch. He finally told us the Egg Patch is where you hunt for Easter Eggs. I told him he’s got a few more holidays to go before Easter!

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  • Great pictures!ReplyCancel

  • Cheryl

    Or 3 blind mice!! 🙂 Very cute!!ReplyCancel

  • karen

    cute cute cute. Just to let you know that pictures still are overlapping like crazy. Picture on top of picture so you cant even see all the picture. One of the pictures are overlapping your “popular categories” section. I do not have this problem with other blogs I follow so I really do not think its the firefox browser I am using??? So do you think its just me??ReplyCancel

  • Your boys make precious little mice! And I just love Aunt Laura, too…tell her she’s welcome to adopt a couple of little nieces, if she’d like. 🙂 So glad everyone had a great time!ReplyCancel

  • carrie

    major overlapping on this postReplyCancel