A Wedding Reenactment – Video

As mentioned yesterday (at least, I think I mentioned it), the boys had an absolute ball at Aunt Laura and Uncle Mason’s wedding. Nick and I have been highly amused this week with the random little details the boys are focused on. One minute they’re talking about walking down the aisle and then the next they’re going on and on about how Laura and Mason are on a fancy vacation.

Last night, not a whole lot of eating was going on during dinner… instead Chase and Jackson were reenacting the reception. Nick and I were dying of laughter when Chase and Jackson started actually dancing with each other and I just had to grab the camera. Sadly, they never danced together again but they did dance around the deck on their own and the dialog was cracking me up. If you have 2 minutes and 30 seconds to spare, it’s worth the watch!

(And yes, Chase is in his PJs. Yesterday was a PJs and cartoons day. The boys and I desperately needed some serious downtime!)


If you want to see a couple of the shots the pro took, you can view them here – you shouldn’t need a Facebook account to view them!

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