A Video For Your Monday

I have a little video fun for your Monday!

Each weekend, the kids in our church (from the littles to the bigs) work on a memory verse. Each month is a different verse and different motions, and usually the Early Childhood age kids have a different, less complex verse, then the elementary aged kiddos. A couple of weeks ago, Nick and I were asked if the boys could learn October’s memory verse early and be the “teachers” (via video) of the motions and words!

Last Wednesday, after pre-school, we walked over to the large group time room in the Early Childhood wing, and started recording!

First, I have to share the outtake. See, Lily had watched the boys recite the verse so many times that she knew the motions herself, and the boys wanted her in the video too! So we tried that, and it didn’t work so well…. She was cute, but more of a distraction to the boys and it messed them up. See?


So then Nick took her out of the room, and we let the boys do it again. Lily made a vocal appearance towards the end, and you can see the boys looking off to the side (they were watching Lily run back and forth in the hallway), but they nailed the words and motions! So proud of my boys 🙂

(This video was produced and put on YouTube by the church.)

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  • Jessica

    They did a great job! Liam said, hey I saw that at church. I’ll get to see it this Sunday in church! Lily is so cute, knowing all the motions!ReplyCancel

  • Mary

    adorable, all four of them 🙂ReplyCancel