A Turtle, A Story and Sitting Up

Double the posting fun today! Earlier I posted a couple “recipes” (and I use that term loosely), but I just had to share these photos from yesterday too.

Yesterday morning started out with some early excitement when Nick noticed a turtle sitting in our front yard!

His (her?) shell looks awfully similar to a little turtle that appeared in our yard a couple of summers ago. I’m too lazy to dig through old files to find it though. Hey, at least I’m honest. 🙂

I told the boys if they sat very still and quietly the turtle would come out of his shell. This is the first moment the turtle poked his head out to look around.

We were watching the turtle cross the street (didn’t want any cars to squish him) when an older gentleman paused his walk to chat with us about the turtle. Imagine my horror when he suddenly described how a former coworker used to get snapping turtles to grab onto a stick, would lift the stick in the air and then cut the turtle’s head off. GAH! Thank you, old man for sharing such a lovely image with my 3 boys! Thankfully, I’m pretty sure the boys were too interested in watching the turtle to be paying attention to the old guy. Count this as a time I was grateful for their selective hearing…

Now, onto happier and cuter things… Look who is beginning to experiment with sitting up!

She looks a bit surprised, doesn’t she? That could be because she still spends most of her time doing this…

She still prefers to just lay on the ground though.

(Isn’t her little Anne Geddes dress adorable?!)

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  • Jo

    That is a Tortoise. Very different to a Turtle. Turtles live in water and have flat shells, Tortoises do not live in water and would love it of you gave it some salad. Also Tortoises are much friendlier, we own one and he lives in our bathroom.ReplyCancel

    • I think the common name around here is “box turtle” but you are correct about the differences between turtles and tortoises. Your kids are super lucky, mine would just love to have a pet in their bathroom! 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Awww. Cute Turtle. So funny about the old man. Cute photos of Lily.ReplyCancel


    MMMMMMMMMMMMMMM. Snapper soup!!ReplyCancel

  • Helen,ya is tortoise .. there is turtle in my blog :). they have different ‘leg’ (i dont know the real word). Turtle one is sharp and so they can swim :). Lily is so cute….ReplyCancel