A Trip To L&D

Originally posted 8.23.07

We’ve had an exciting week here…

Monday night I had 6 contractions in 45 minutes so the doctor had me head to Labor & Delivery just in case. It was emotionally overwhelming driving to the hospital but I had pulled myself together by the time we got there. Nick commented that it was like a practice run for us! Anyway, while there they hooked up heart rate monitors for each of the babies and another monitor to watch my contractions. Turns out it was nothing, so 3 hours later I was told I could either head home or stay the night – whichever I was more comfortable with. I obviously chose home and at about 12:30am I was discharged and Nick and I headed home.

I asked the doctor today IF I had indeed been in labor Monday night, would they have tried to stop it or would they have delivered the babies. She said they would have gently tried to stop labor so that they could give me a steroid shot for the boys’ lung development, but that would have been all. She said after I reach 34 weeks they won’t attempt to stop labor – so that means in about a week and a half these boys will be permitted to arrive 🙂

My doctor appointment went well today – the boys look great and are growing really well! The doctor measured them and I am now the proud carrier of more than 12 pounds of baby – whew! The boys are weighing in at 4 lbs 7 oz, 3 lbs 10 oz and 4 lbs 1 oz. The little one is finally catching up with his brothers. The doctor is thrilled with their growth, as am I!

I have another appointment on the 30th, so I’ll update then. Hopefully nothing exciting happens between now and then 🙂

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