A Touchy Situation

I’m finding there is a delicate balance between knowing when to help the boys and when to stand back and let them do something themselves.

A week or so ago Chase threw an absolute fit when Nick offered him his hand while he was walking down the deck steps. Nick looked at me all bewildered when Chase started pitching his fit and I said “I think he wanted to walk down the steps himself”. Sure enough Chase turned around (still crying), crawled back up the three steps (still crying) and walked down the steps himself (still crying) before running over to the swing-set( still crying).

This morning I was getting the boys up to the table for breakfast when I noticed Chase seemed to be struggling to get up in his chair (we’re still feeding the boys at the table without booster seats). I put my hand on his back and asked if he wanted help but then I heard “meeeeeehhhh!” I backed up and said “OK buddy, go ahead; I’ll just hold the chair”.

Moral of the stories? If you’re a parent you better quickly learn to discern when your child wants help and when he/she wants to try it themselves (and safely can try it themselves).

Pick the wrong answer and you could get this….

Pick the right answer and you can have this!

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