A Star Chart First!

We’ve been using this star chart system for almost 5 months now and it seems to still be working pretty well. As the boys have grown and “mastered” various items on the chart, we’ve taken some ways they could earn stars off and added new ones. We’ve also upped how many stars they needed to obtain their rewards. To earn candy they need 10 stars now, to earn a Sonic drink they need 20 and to earn a trip to the “treasure box” they need 30 stars.

There have been weeks where none of the boys earned enough stars to go to the treasure box and it was a struggle for some just to earn the trip to Sonic. There are other weeks where 2 or 3 of the boys will earn the treasure box at the very last possible moment. This week though (our Star Chart weeks goes Thur-Wed), we had a star chart first…

Chase earned not 30, but 40 stars!!

Chase obviously had an awesome week. He kept his temper under control (hitting, kicking and pushing), was super helpful at night when picking up toys and did awesome when out in public. When he hit 30 stars on Monday evening, we told him if he could hit 40 he would get something extra special.

I texted Nick just before he came home from work to tell him Chase was currently sitting at 38 stars and had 3 more earning opportunities before the day ended, so he better pick something up just in case. Just before bed, we all celebrated with Chase by giving him his 40th star… and a hula hoop! (The boys love the hula hoops they have at church, but we didn’t have any here before last night.)

Bravo, Chase! We’re so proud of the week you had!

Starting this week, we’ve removed “staying in bed” from all three charts as the boys are now doing an awesome job all staying in their beds when we put them down at night!

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  • Way to go, Chase! Good job, bud!ReplyCancel

  • Way to go Chase! How old were they when you started this? I want to do something like this with Dusytn. Just trying to see if he would understand it. ha ha.ReplyCancel

    • Sarah, we started it a few weeks before the boys turned 3. I suspect they could have grasped it a couple of months before that, but it hadn’t really occurred to us then!ReplyCancel

  • pop pop

    GREAT job Helen and Nick !! You make parenting look so easy.ReplyCancel

  • […] you can read other posts about our star charts here and here.  (And on that last link you’ll notice we removed the “staying in bed” line back […]ReplyCancel