A School Project

A week or so ago (time just seems to blur together now!) the boys brought home a project they had worked on in school. They were so cute that I just had to take pictures of them and share with you.

So nice of Chase to give Lily her own wing of the house!

Chase is our little over-achiever and always brings home the most papers from school. Oh, and I’m betting he said “Pop Pop”, but the teachers heard Papa. Pretty sure my mom (Grandma) and Nick’s dad (Papa) are not living together. And poor Laura, Mason and Marbles (kitty) are homeless!

This one is by Ty and it cracks me up that he had me taking pictures of Chase (our dots fell off somewhere between school and home)! And notice where Nick is? Inside, taking care of Lily.

Jackson’s is pretty cut and dry, although I’m not sure what the doodle in the middle of the house is.

I’ll try to remember to take more pictures of their crafts/projects throughout the year and post them. I love what they bring home!

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