A Rock Star Husband, A Loss and A Vest

This past weekend I had the chance to do a full day (9am to 10pm) of scrapbooking. I hadn’t touched my books since October, so I was really looking forward to diving back in. Originally I had planned on bringing Lily with me, at least for the first half of the day. I figured she sleeps most of the time anyway and by having her with me it would be easier for Nick to do things with the boys.

Friday night I told Nick what I intended to do and he insisted (several times) that I leave Lily with him and take the whole day off. I said “but if I have her with me it’ll be easier for you to do things with the boys”, to which he replied “yeah, but you do that all the time with them, so I can manage”.

Saturday morning I headed out to scrapbook and not long into my “me time” I received the following text from Nick…

That’s a picture from a very chilly and windy kite festival. Yep. My rock star husband loaded all four kiddos up and headed to an outdoor festival on a cloudy, windy and 45 degree morning! He said they all had fun, but only lasted about an hour before the boys were all complaining of freezing. Lily didn’t nap but was relatively happy I guess.

When I met them all at church that evening they were on-time and all 4 kids were happy. Well done, Nick! Not many dads would be brave enough to take three 3 year olds and infant out by themselves.

I thoroughly enjoyed my full day of cropping, and managed to finish the last of the boys’ books (their most recent books were from age 1-3)! Here’s a page I did in Jackson’s… Love the memories 🙂

I also got to start on Lily’s baby scrapbook! Hooray for pink and purple papers and embellishments!

I’ve got one more cell phone picture for you and it’s from 6:30 this morning…

A little blurry (the photographer claims her biceps were trembling – ha!) but that’s me at the conclusion of boot camp this morning. Wanna know what that black vest is? It’s 20 pounds. Yep. A 20 pound vest. I got to wear that thing for the hour long boot camp this morning. UGH! I’ll tell you what – I don’t want to gain 20 pounds now!

Boot Camp has been good for me though. I’ve finished 2 weeks of it now and have lost almost 3 inches total and last Friday at my Weight Watchers weigh in I was down a pound. Woohoo!

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  • Alicenne

    Sounds painful, but it probably works really well! I can only imagine how sore you are!!ReplyCancel

  • Go you! And it looks kind of like a bullet proof vest. Glad everyone survived the weekend activities 🙂ReplyCancel