A Rare Weekend Post

My 30 something weekend readers are lucking out this weekend! As mentioned in Friday’s post, I normally do not bother posting on the weekends anymore. Today though I’m doing a couple of things that I thought I’d get the word out about!

Most (if not all) of you know that Nick and I attend a very, very large church. There are definite perks to attending a large church; more Bible Study options, plenty of family friendly events, a large nursery that isn’t even phased by triplets being added to the room, exciting special events, etc. Today I’ll be cashing in on a couple of those perks and I invite you to join me!

Perk #1: For the second winter in a row Nick and I will be alternating who goes to church each weekend. Due to the boys’ prematurity it has been recommended to us to keep them out of the nursery for the majority of cold and flu season. You get no arguments from us as the last time the boys were there (2 weeks ago) they came home with colds, which turned into ear infections. It’s not been a fun 2 weeks! Anyway, this weekend was Nick’s turn at church. Instead of waiting a few days for the sermon to be available online (like I did last year) I’m going to watch the entire service live on the web! Last year I always hated missing out on the music, and now that the church live streams a couple of the weekend services I don’t have to anymore.

If you’re around at 5pm Central (you do the math for your time zone), join me at for a contemporary service! The sermon series is titled “It Was Not a Silent Night” and is focused on Christmas through the eyes of Mary.

Perk #2: As mentioned in the above list of “perks”, our church has some amazing special events. One of them is Christmas at Resurrection. It’s a huge, elaborate production complete with a living nativity at the end. The show reminds me a lot of the Radio City Christmas Spectacular in that the first half is full of fun music and dancing and the second half is the living nativity. The level of professionalism is astounding and there are certain parts that give me goosebumps (Little Drummer Boy comes to mind) and parts that bring me to tears.

Tonight is the final performance of the weekend (I think there were 5 shows total) and they’re going to be live streaming the show on the web for the first time ever! Plus, family and friends from “back home” will want to watch for my sister Laura as her dance company is part of the show.

Again, if you’re around join me at 7:30pm Central at Christmas at Resurrection is something you just don’t want to miss.

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