A Priceless Moment Missed

My camera is broken. No wait, it’s possessed. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. (It tells me there’s no memory card installed, when in fact there is and the memory card does work.) I’ve missed some cute moments in the last 2 weeks as a result of the possessed nature of the camera, but the other night I missed a truly priceless moment.

Jackson and Tyler both had their shirts lifted up and were looking at each other’s belly buttons. Jackson was about to reach out and touch Tyler’s when Chase walked into the room. He thought what the other two were doing looked like fun so he lifted his shirt too! All three of them were standing there, shirts lifted looking at each other’s belly buttons (Jackson’s is the weirdest for the record… that umbilical hernia did a number on it). I grabbed my camera thinking “sweet! This is going to be an awesome picture!” only to turn it on and have it tell me there was no memory card. LIAR! There was a perfectly good card in the camera but the camera decided this would be a good time to not work. I was so mad! What do you suppose the odds are the boys will ever do that again for me? I’m thinking slim to none.

Unfortunately, until the camera issue is resolved expect a reduction in the number of new pictures I have to post.

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