A Photo Shoot of Sorts

Yesterday morning I had the sudden inspiration to do a mini (emphasis on mini) photo shoot with the boys. I know I’m going to be taking a ton of pictures of baby girl and her brothers in a few weeks and I wanted to make sure I knew just where to find great lighting and a clean background in my house.

Using a couple of our dining table chairs, a big, off-white blanket and the light coming through the picture window in our living room, I think I’ve found my location! I do believe I’ll now try to find some other colored fabrics to use as well (like black) for some added variety.

Tyler and Chase, being buddies.

Jackson being a goofball, as usual. I then said “Jackson, please just look at me and be cute for a minute!” and he did.

Mr. Chase

I shared this one of Tyler in yesterday’s 365 post.

My goofy boys!

This one just makes me smile and laugh! It’s now my new desktop image on the computer.

The boys were trying to copy the picture of them that currently hangs on the wall, and instead Tyler kept turning around and trying to kiss Chase. Cracked me up!

So there you have it! I had some fun with 2 chairs, a blanket and my camera and then after we were done (about 10 minutes later) the boys had fun turning the chairs and blanket into a tent. Win-Win for all!

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  • These are really great. I love the last photo too!ReplyCancel

  • Good job!

    Fleece works well for backgrounds too. I usually wait for a 50% sale at Joann’s.ReplyCancel

  • Honestly, I thought these turned out great for having to work with three little boys, and triplets at that!!! The last one made me smile and chuckle myself. I love these! Great job!


  • They are so darn cute – love the cheesy smiles 😀ReplyCancel