A Normal Life

Way back when Nick and I were trying to get pregnant I would drive past parks full of little kids and their moms, or women pushing strollers down a sidewalk and be so envious. I wanted that life! I wanted to load my little baby into her (yep, my fantasies always involved having a little girl. Ha!) stroller and go for a walk with another mom friend. Then a couple of years later I’d be spending beautiful spring and summer days and evenings at the park with our active toddler, having picnic lunches and suppers. They’d be independent enough that I could just sit and watch her go down the slides over and over. Ahhhh, that was the life.

Then I found out we were having triplets and I thought I’d never enjoy those picture perfect dreams I had. Sure, I got to go for walks when the boys were babies but it always looked like a big production to others. In my dreams I wasn’t counting on people stopping their cars in the street just to gawk or yell questions to me. I’m not saying I minded it all the time, but every once in a while a mom of multiples would love to just go for a walk with her kids and not be noticed.

When the boys got old enough to take to parks and were walking, I definitely did not get to just sit on a bench and watch. I was constantly chasing after kids, keeping them away from the high parts of the play ground equipment, moving them back inside the fenced in area or telling them to take the mulch out of their mouth. Now that we’re pushing 3 (gah! I don’t like admitting that!), I feel like I’m constantly in head counting mode when we’re out in public.

Last night though, I had that glimpse at the “normal” life I was longing for years ago. We picked up a pizza and some drinks and headed to a new-to-us park for a picnic dinner. The boys all walked independently from the car to the picnic area and didn’t have to be told to stay away from the road. They all picked the same table (instead of each picking a different one and having to be coaxed to sit at the same one) and sat down and immediately said grace. We all ate and they were saying adorable things that were making Nick and me laugh.

After dinner they played for over an hour at the playground. At one point Nick and I were sitting side-by-side on a bench just watching our kids play. I think that was a first! It was a wonderful moment and I was definitely storing that memory in my heart for a later time. The boys also enjoyed playing together on a little merry-go-round and playing with some other kids.

(Taken with my cell phone, the only camera I had with me.)
As I sat there watching my boys play together I thought of all those dreams I had for my life as a mom. A year ago I would have questioned if I’d ever have “normal” moments with my kids when they were young. I’m here to tell you though (especially you moms of infant multiples or those expecting multiples) that you will get your normal life! It may not be normal all the time, but if you look for them you’ll see the normal moments sprinkled throughout.

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