A Night Out With the Boys

Sunday was a good day for the boys. Sunday afternoon/early evening they went to the city pool with Nick and then after a quick dinner at home they went downtown with me for some fireworks. I’m quite sure Nick thought I was insane for wanting to take the boys downtown, let alone by myself. See, two out of three had massive meltdowns about an hour earlier and adding a super late night on top of that just did not seem wise. I decided to chalk the meltdowns up to being hungry (they happened while waiting for dinner to be done) and risk it. Fireworks only happen so many times a year!

I knew we wouldn’t have trouble finding a place to sit, because a friend and her family had claimed a large patch of grass earlier in the day. My biggest task would be finding a parking spot. Know what this mom did? Whipped my mini-van into a small spot that required parallel parking to get into. I think that spot was only available still because too many people didn’t want to attempt parking there. Thank you, small driveway, for forcing me to hone my parallel parking skills!

While waiting for the fireworks, the Kansas City symphony played. The boys enjoyed themselves and even danced for some of it. They got especially excited when they recognized a couple of songs from Baby Einstein DVDs and CDs.

They loved watching the colors and shapes on the walls of Union Station!

They may not look it here, but they were excited to be there… promise!

The look on Chase’s face says it all.

The boys and I had a wonderful time together! I told them it was like “old times” – just the boys and me. They were perfectly behaved the entire time we were there and even managed to stay awake on the ride home. During our ride home I asked them what their favorite part of the day was. Here’s what they said…

Chase: Watching the loud pops (fireworks).

Jackson: I liked looking at the sun setting.

Tyler: I liked all of the parts.

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  • Your photos are beautiful and the part at the end about their favorite part is so cute!ReplyCancel

    • Thanks, Jessica! And thanks again for letting us crash your party 😉ReplyCancel

  • Sweet shots! That light show on Union Station looked pretty cool.ReplyCancel