A Night Away – Finally!

Thanks for bearing with me as I move the blog to WordPress. Clearly it’s harder to figure out than I thought it would be! I expect the next several nap times will be spent trying to upload a header image, change background, etc. If you “know” and can offer any help, shoot me an e-mail!
Last Thursday something happened that hasn’t happened since the boys were born nearly 3 years ago. Nick and I had a night away. Together! Terrible it’s been 3 years, isn’t it? Hearing other triplet moms talk about the vacations they’ve taken with their spouse and the fact that baby number 4 will be here before we know it, really lit a fire under me to get away with Nick soon.

I spoke to my sister, Laura, to see what her schedule would allow and the only for sure time she could do it in the coming months was this past Thursday. I decided to keep the evening a secret from Nick and quickly made some hotel reservations and found a Groupon for a restaurant we could try out. Sadly, I was not able to keep it a secret from Nick due to an awkward conversation between Laura and I that he witnessed. Oh well! He was still surprised as to where we ate and where we stayed.

As soon as Laura got here Thursday evening the house turned chaotic with 4 “superheros” running around the house, waving “swords”. Oh my!

While the boys had fun playing, eating dinner at McDonald’s and more playing, Nick and I headed to The Power and Light District in downtown Kansas City. The only time we had ever been there was for the March for Babies, so we both agreed we felt rather trendy being there in the evening and without thousands of other people wearing purple shirts.

After dinner we headed to our hotel on The Plaza! I’ve always wanted to stay a night at The Plaza! Our room was gorgeous and up on the 12th floor. Here was our view….

We enjoyed walking around The Plaza as the sun went down and just talking about random things. Know what was really awesome? Not having to cook breakfast for anyone the next morning and breakfast was cooked for us! We both agreed that while it was weird to be together for so long and not have the boys with us, it was nice and definitely something we need to do again.

Wanna know the kicker? We texted my sister at about 9:30pm Thursday night to see how it was going and if the boys were asleep yet. She texted back to say they were already asleep! The time they crashed? 8:40. 8:40! That’s pretty much a record since we switched them to toddler beds in March. I told her I want her to come do bed time every night!

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  • stephanie

    So glad you had a great night away!!! Woohoo! I really want to get one in before we get this boy here! LOL Its so funny that they went to bed early for her! Thats how it is when we are with my inlaws too. They used to help put M to bed and she would go down for them no problem but when we do it, its a huge drama filled production!! I hope you get a couple more nights away!!ReplyCancel

  • Mom

    What a great view! And I love the room full of superheroes.ReplyCancel

  • Glad you had a great time!

    I have been thinking of moving to wordpress, but I am scared. LOL!ReplyCancel