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Before I get to the actual blog post, I wanted to draw some attention to a new link on the left hand side of your screen. It dawned on me a couple of weeks ago that many of you do not know the back story of Nick and me and how we came to have triplets! I originally started a blog (back before October I had a website where I blogged all during my pregnancy and the first year of the boys’ life) to keep family and friends informed. Since moving to blogger my number of visitors has jumped tremendously and with joining sites like Multiples and More and The Secret’s In the Sauce I expect to see that number climb more.

So for my new readers, that “Our Story” link over to the left is just for you! I hope it answers some of the questions you may have had. For even more detail (probably more than most of you even want to know), you can also read my Q&A posts by clicking on the Q&A link under the labels (also on the left side).


So long paper and so long plastic! No, this isn’t a post about using reusable shopping bags (which I do), it’s a post about new windows! Check this out…

Yep. Those are our lovely kitchen windows. Not only do we have to put plastic over them in the winter, but we also have “temporary” paper blinds (they’ve been up for over a year and a half, so I’m not sure how temporary they are). Way classy huh?

Let me put it this way. Our windows are TERRIBLE! We knew they were bad when we bought the house, but just figured it would be one of the first things we would replace. Turns out to get a quality replacement window you have to pay more than $189 a window so we ended up replacing windows in phases. Phase 1 was last spring – we did the front of the house, including the huge picture window in the living room. Phase 2 was completed yesterday – the remaining 7 windows!

Aren’t they purty? I love them! Not only do I no longer feel cold air seeping in all around the windows but I’ll be able to actually open them when it warms up! (Our old windows didn’t even have screens.)

So while the guys from Champion Windows were here for 6 hours yesterday I had the delightful task of trying to keep the boys away from them. We tried a variety of things including barricades in the living room, jumping in the cribs in their room and coloring… Coloring was a hit because they like chewing on the crayons. After Chase had a significant number of colors on his face I decided to call it quits on the coloring.

Then I moved them to chairs to just watch the windows being installed. That worked for about 10 minutes.

What a morning!

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