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A New Look

I think the long winter is starting to bore me. I find myself planning dreaming about home projects we could do, thinking about fun places I can take the boys this spring and summer, plotting how to get us to Disney World in the next couple of years, scheming how to get a dog, etc. There were two things on my dreaming/plotting/scheming list that I did actually follow through on though!

Last week I dyed my hair a lighter shade (I think I want to go a bit lighter though) and I got the ball rolling on some changes here on the blog! I love both!

Take a gander around the blog and you’ll notice (I hope) that it’s a little cleaner and easier to navigate. I have a handy navigation bar now, which I think is so fun! I hope you find it as useful and nice looking as I do. Last week I also loaded a bunch of old posts (from the website I used for the first year of the boys’ life) onto this blog, which you can find by using the Archive Links on the far right sidebar.

And now, a sign that spring is getting seriously close here (FINALLY!)….

Look closely and you can see the very first flower about to bloom in my yard!

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