A New Look & PTing Tyler

First, let’s discuss this adorable new blog look I have (I’m much happier about this than how PTing Tyler has been going)! Hilary at ScrapBlog Designs by Hilary did an amazing job, don’t you think? I’ve always wanted to have a pro re-do my blog, but just hadn’t gotten around to it so it was perfect timing when I won a blog redesign earlier this month (I won it at Little Bites of Heaven).

If you’re thinking of a redesign (or even just a partial design like a new header image or a button for your blog) I highly recommend Hilary. She was a breeze to work with and her prices are quite reasonable (I paid a little extra for my button and a 3 column layout). Tell her Three Times the Giggles sent you!

Oh, and grab my button please (over to the left)! I’d be honored if you’d stick it on your blog 🙂


Alright, on to the potty training drama. That’s what it was this weekend. Drama, drama, drama.

Considering Tyler had pink eye and couldn’t go to church Saturday night, we decided to move up his start date by a day. Saturday morning he was so excited to put his new big boy underwear on (Disney’s Cars) and he must have asked to sit on the toilet 5 or 6 times in the first hour he was awake. It was adorable and hilarious to see his enthusiasm!

As the day wore on we noticed the kid seemed to have an “iron bladder” (as Nick called it)! He can hold it for 2-3 hours at a time, but it seems to be because he doesn’t want to wet his new underwear but he also is a bit unsure of the toilet. It wasn’t until 9pm (yep, 90 minutes past bedtime – he and Chase were “playing” us with constant requests for the potty) that he finally went in the toilet for the first time!

Yesterday started out ok but then turned into pure torture. Seriously. It was brutal. The very short version of the day’s events? Tyler seemed to develop an irrational fear of the toilet for some reason yesterday afternoon. He would flail, kick, scream and cry if anyone brought him remotely close to a toilet (so yes, we stopped trying). Very weird! He then spent a whole hour flopping around on the floor and running around the house absolutely hysterical because he had to pee but didn’t want to do it in his underwear or on the toilet. He finally snuck into the playroom and “relieved” himself and was all better. Crazy kid!

I’m happy to report by yesterday evening he was back on track. I think largely due to the excitement Chase generated in his bubble making skills. You see, Chase discovered that if he pees into the toilet water he can make bubbles! Now he and Ty constantly ask to “make bubbles”. Whatever works for them!

All in all, I’m optimistic about today. I think things will click for Tyler soon now that he’s sitting on the toilet again. It’s just a matter now of him making the connections.

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