A New England Tradition

Last night the boys got to partake in a New England tradition: the consumption of Whoopie Pies. My readers from New England are all probably nodding their heads at the thought of it being a tradition and at the same time drooling on their keyboards at the thought of eating their very own Whoopie Pie. For those not from New England or those who do not know any New England implants in their part of the country who have brought the Whoopie Pie to them, allow me to enlighten you.

That my friends is a Whoopie Pie. To put it simply it is heaven. It’s rich chocolate cake with an equally rich cream filling. It’s terribly bad for you (trust me, you don’t want to know what’s in that filling!) but as all bad things do, it tastes oh-so-good. In New England it is common to find giant Whoopie Pies (6-8 inches in diameter) wrapped in plastic wrap and for sale in pretty much any gas station or convenience store.

Yesterday I made a batch of Whoopie Pies to bring to brunch this morning. Yes, I realize this isn’t a brunch food but they were requested and really chocolate at 9:30am is perfectly acceptable in my book. Anyway, I set aside a couple so that the boys and Nick could have one. The boys loved it! Lots of “mmmmms!” were heard in this dining room.

Chase and Tyler aren’t eating Whoopie Pies here, but it is an adorable picture I snapped of them after nap time yesterday. I just had to share it!

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