A Nap Time Rant

I am one annoyed woman. Nap time is precious around here. Nap time gives me a couple of hours to either nap myself (something I would love to be doing on this rainy day) or get caught up on my many “projects”. Lately it has been rare that I’ve been able to get all three boys settled down for a nap on the same day. I think for 4 or 5 days in a row now at least one of the boys has not napped, some days it’s been two.

Here’s the thing… the boys are tired and need a nap. The unbelievable crabbiness by late afternoon is proof enough. (That last hour waiting for Nick to get home to back me up has been brutal lately!) My children are much more agreeable (and definitely earn more stars for their charts) when they’ve had a good night of sleep and a good nap. Plus, according to my favorite sleep book, Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child (which now comes in a version if you have twins or triplets!) 82% of three year olds still take an afternoon nap and children this age need 12 hours of sleep a day, so if your child is getting 12 hours at night they may not need that afternoon nap. My boys definitely do not get 12 hours at night. We’re lucky to get 10. Lucky. Even on days when they don’t nap. It’s brutal I tell ya!

Further proof? Children passing out on my couch at about 2:30pm…

I’ve so annoyed the boys with my requests for them to at the very least sit in their beds and read quietly, or even sit on the couch and watch a movie quietly that I seem to have moved up a notch on the motherhood scale of meanness. This afternoon Jackson got so annoyed with me he began crying and wailing “Please Daddy, come home!”. Sorry kid, you’re stuck with me!

*sigh* Ok, rant over.

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  • I just have one child, but I feel your pain! Mine did the same thing. Enough to drive you nuts! Hope it gets better!ReplyCancel

  • I’m kind of scared about this. I do hear that around 2.5-3 they start to fight the nap. Mine are getting 12 hours at night still (7-7) and still are in their rooms mostly sleeping from 12-2. So still around 13-14 hours give or take. Like your boys, mine have always been pretty awesome in the sleep department.
    Maybe this will pass for you guys. I hope so! Hang in there.ReplyCancel

  • Haha. I’m sorry, but Jackson’s comment made me giggle.

    Matthew gave up naps at 2.5, but he still had “rest” time for at least an hour a day till kindergarten. And he was perfectly pleasant that way.

    Caleb had to be weaned off naps to go to Kindergarten. He loved to nap and I didn’t discourage it!

    Hang in there!ReplyCancel

  • Zoie

    I hate when they don’t nap. Last week I got “Momma go to work” when B had his third time out in 20 minutes. I’m a SAHM LOLReplyCancel

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