A Miscellaneous Monday

I’ve taken lots of cute pictures of the boys over the past week, so I thought I’d share some of the more “miscellaneous” shots (pictures that don’t fit into a typical blog post).


A couple of weeks ago we arrived at church to find the boys had switched to a new room. This new, older toddler room includes coloring time! Now each week when we go pick the boys up, the floor in the hallway is lined with “art”. Here’s what the boys did this past weekend.

Easy Chairs:

Alright, so they don’t look like your traditional easy chair but I think this is as close as these boys will get for a long time! These are the boys’ booster seats, that also double as “toddler chairs”. There are little cup and snack holders that snap on to each arm! The boys like sitting in them while watching TV.

Sleeping Boy:

This is from Friday morning when Chase fell asleep in my arms. After 30 minutes I had to transfer him to the couch and I was surprised he stayed asleep! Such a cutie 🙂

Walking Each Other:

Last week at several points I was at my wits end with the boys. It had rained a lot which meant we were trapped inside. Finally at one point the sun came out, but the yard was a big muddy swamp so I decided to take the boys for a walk. I knew they needed to burn off some energy so instead of sticking them in the jogging stroller or the Choo Choo I opted to put their leashes on them. We walked all the way around the block! The short walk would probably take me only 6 or 7 minutes with them in the stroller but with them walking and stopping every 5 feet to inspect something new, it took us 35 minutes.

When we returned home Chase and Tyler wanted to leave their leashes on and Chase proceeded to torment/play with Tyler…

No Shirts:

In the last week Chase and Tyler have both taken great delight in some bedtime shenanigans. We’ll hear lots of giggling and banging around for up to an hour after bedtime! The other night I came home from a mom’s event and Nick said to me “Tyler may or may not have a shirt on right now” (It was 9pm). Sure enough, when I snuck into their room to take a peek at my sleeping angels (ha!) Tyler’s shirt was in a ball, on the floor between his crib and Chase’s.

Then one morning I went in to get the boys and found Chase like this, giggling away!

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