A Love/Hate Relationship

Have you ever had something that you really can’t decide if you love it or hate it? Maybe it’s because said “thing” pulls a Jekyll and Hyde act on you all the time. Or maybe it’s because said “thing” one minute appears to love you and the next is screaming like you’ve ruined it’s life. Any guesses as to what I’m talking about?

If you said teenage girls I suspect you might be correct, but I’m actually talking about 2 year olds. I’m having a love/hate relationship with this age. I can’t decide if I’m really enjoying it or if I can’t wait until we’re out of “this stage”.

The boys say and do the cutest things now! I swear, every day they do something that tops what they did the day before…

Yesterday, when Tyler got hurt bumping into something (I suspect he wasn’t really hurt, because it was his fake look-at-me-now cry), he didn’t come running to me for sympathy. No, he turned to Chase and Chase gave him a hug. Sweetest. Thing. Ever.

Two days ago Chase pooped in the toilet. There was a “big poop” and a “baby poop” and Chase looked down and said “awwww, a little baby poop!” and then proceeded to ask if he could hug it. (It’s ok, you can laugh – I did.)

A few nights ago Nick and I listened to the boys giggling in their room long after we put them to bed. They were playing a guessing game where Chase would say “how ’bout this one!” and then make an animal noise. Tyler and Jackson would then shout out the answer. I have this one on video, and will be sharing it with you tomorrow!

When Tyler gives you a hug, he rubs and pats your back like he’s soothing you. It’s adorable and so endearing!

Then the other side of the coin though involves tantrums over Nick taking Chase to the potty instead of me taking him, not letting the boys play on the Wii, not letting them dunk their hands in their milk cups, not letting Jackson have his blanket at all hours of the day, not setting up the humidifier, setting up the humidifier, not giving someone medicine, not serving the “right” lunch and on and on and on.

Can you see why I would be so confused?

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