A Little BBall

Tuesday evening we all drove 2.5 hours to Springfield, Missouri to watch Nick’s younger brother play in a college basketball game. Nick (and the rest of his family) are basketball nuts, and we were excited to introduce the boys to their first live game!

While it doesn’t show on their faces here in these pictures, I promise they had fun…

I had Jackson on my lap for the first part of the game, and trying to explain the game in terms a three year old would understand was cracking me up!

“Why are there only 5 guys playing?” – Because only 5 people from each team are allowed to play.

“But what about those guys (pointing to the benched players)” – They’ll get to play when someone gets tired.

“Why did they stop playing? What are they doing?” – They’re having a time out.

“Did they do something wrong?” – No, they’re talking about how to play the game.

“Who are those guys (pointing to the refs)” – They blow their whistles when someone does something wrong.

And on and on and on the questions went. Oh, and none of the boys were fans of the “loud buzzer” and would immediately cover their ears!

Isaac is #20 (in gray). While he didn’t play a ton, we did get to see him make a sweet 3!

The boys all want to play basketball now, much to the delight of their father and grandfather. At one point during the game they were “practicing” on the sidelines. The odd flapping is dribbling and the “throws” are them shooting the ball. Highly entertaining stuff, as always 🙂 (Here’s the link for my e-mail subscribers:

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  • pop pop

    FUN times and well worth the drive I’m sure. Inspiring young athletes is always a great thing.ReplyCancel

  • Sounds like a fun trip! My son loves to play. Your guys are lucky they’ll always have someone to practice with.ReplyCancel