A Letter to 6 year old Ty

Dear Ty,

While you had already done a lot of growing and changing in the last year, we felt like you aged overnight when you got your glasses a couple of weeks ago! Before your looks aged and matured though, we were already seeing signs of growing up emotionally.

Ever since doing our conversation passport last spring, you’ve blown us away with your boldness when it comes to talking to adults, or asking for things you need! Each time we watch you approach an adult to ask for help, or we hear you were pro-active in asking an adult a question or for something, Daddy and I are just so impressed! You’ve even taken it upon yourself to help out your brothers when they’re too nervous to ask for something, and we love that about you.

Keep being bold, and asking questions Ty-guy! That skill will take you far in life, and we can’t wait to see where it takes you. We love you so very much!



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