A Letter to 6 year old Jackson

Dear Jackson,

You have grown and matured so much in the last year, little man! While your skills at Mario Kart and Super Mario Brothers are stellar, we’re much more impressed by the way you lead, care for your other siblings, and how very smart you are.

You have such a caring spirit, and I love the way you willingly help Lily with things. I know Lily loves when you help her too! You’re also totally embodying those “oldest child” traits, which is funny to us considering you’re only the oldest by one minute. You take charge, your brothers, sister and other children will often follow your lead, and you’ve got that nice oldest child streak of stubbornness in you. Even your teacher has noticed your great leadership and role-model abilities, which makes your dad and me so proud!

Keep being that great example and role-model, and we’ll try to help you nurture that caring spirit you have. You’re a wonderful little boy, Jackson and we love you so much!



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