A letter to 6 year old Chase

Dear Chase,

While you’ve done a lot of growing and maturing in this last year, a lot of my favorite things about you have stayed the same. You’re still my biggest cuddler, just like that NICU nurse predicted 6 years ago! You also are my biggest helper around the house, for which I am so appreciative! The way you’ll just run around the house, picking up toys, without even being asked sometimes, totally makes my day (and will someday make your wife’s day).

Your sweet, caring spirit is such a wonderful example to your siblings and other children (and even adults!) that you come in contact with. The way you made sure the birthday treats I was making for your class didn’t have any gluten, eggs, nuts or fish in them (the things some of your classmates are allergic to) was so endearing. I pray that you are always so concerned about other people and their needs!

Your dad and I are so very proud of you Chase, and can’t wait to see what’s to come in this next year!



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