A Girly Giveaway

We’re having a Three Times the Giggles giveaway first today…. a girly giveaway! Hooray! Before we get to the giveaway though, here are a couple of important things…

I’m Featured! For months I’ve been entering photos over at I Heart Faces, but I’ve never been featured on their Facebook Page or on their site as a winner or “favorite”. This week was a non-competition week, but I decided to enter anyway and guess what? This morning I logged onto Facebook to see my picture staring back at me in my news feed! My picture is featured on their website. WOOHOO!! You can see their post HERE.

Ear Tubes Day: This afternoon the boys (yep, all three of ’em) are getting tubes in their ears. Last cold/flu season was brutal in this house for ear infections, so I’m really hoping this does the trick. The surgery is a quick one and I think the worst will probably be all the time leading up to it where we can’t feed them or give them drinks. For “breakfast” they had some jello and sprite – the only things they were allowed to have and now we have to cut them off from everything, including water. Anyway, prayers would be nice! Surgery is at 1pm CST. I’ll update the Facebook “fan” page when we’re home this afternoon.

Snickerdoodle Bows Giveaway

It’s no big secret that I’m pumped about all the girly-girlness I will get to enjoy with the birth of my baby girl, so when Jessica at Snickerdoodle Bows asked if I wanted to host a giveaway and pick a little something for myself too I was all over that!

Here’s what I’ve picked out for my own little sweetie! I can’t wait to take pictures of her wearing this headband!

Here are a few of the other cute items you can find in her Etsy Shop

A fun clip for Christmas!

Snowflake clips, perfect for the coming winter

For those of you who celebrate spring and summer all year long, cute flower clips!

Jessica is offering one of my lucky readers (in the US or Canada) a $6 credit to pick what they would most like from her shop! Don’t have a little girl of your own to give this to? Give it to a niece, granddaughter or daughter of a friend! Just think how cute it would be to attach one of these clips to a Christmas package as extra decoration.

How to Enter:

Remember to leave a separate comment for each entry! Winner will be drawn at Random next Friday, the 12th.