A Funny Thing Happened at the Party…

Yesterday was the boys’ 8th birthday party (their birthday was on Thursday). We had a ball climbing and playing on an awesome playground, and then we all (15 second graders, plus some siblings and parents) gathered in a gazebo for some amazing pizza (pizza so amazing I wrote about it on my photography blog), cake and presents.

A funny thing happened during the cake part…. No, not that the song turned into a big jumbled mess when everyone tried to list off 3 names – that always happens (file that under the hashtag #TripletProblems). This funny thing was courtesy of the boys’ 2.5 year old cousin.

Amazingly enough, I was actually taking video instead of still pictures, so now all of you can experience the silliness! Pay close attention to Jackson (far left) and his little cousin….

Ah, goodnatured Jackson! She really picked the best cousin to do that to. I love how he just looks at her, and then looks around to see if anyone else saw what she’d done (and I don’t think many had), and then smiles. What a guy!

Don’t worry – we re-lit his candles so he could blow them out and have his wish {wink}

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