A Few Hours With Uncle Breck

We live 1,583 miles from where I grew up and where my parents and brother and his family still live. According to Google Maps it’s a 26 hour drive. It’s not exactly a “hey, let’s load the kids up and go see family!” kind of distance. The last time I saw my brother and his family was when Nick and I ventured east in July. Since that time the monkeys have learned to walk, climb, run, sign and talk. My brother’s kids have gotten bigger and he’s even had child number 3 born (who I have yet to meet).

Last week I learned that my brother Breck would be driving a motor home from Maine to Texas. Guess what’s between Maine and Texas! Kansas City!! Yesterday evening Breck and his friend Geoff (the motor home was being driven to TX for Geoff’s dad) arrived in front of my home. The boys LOVED the giant “car” parked in front of the house and they all insisted (with much whining and signing of “please”) on getting to look inside.

I wasn’t really sure how the boys would react to their Uncle Breck. Last time they saw him was 9 months ago, and I’m sure they don’t remember what happened even 2 months ago. Can I just tell you how glad I am that the boys are so out going? I know it breaks my heart when I see nieces and nephews and they’re too scared or shy to come say hello to me. I was relieved to see my boys take to their uncle right away!

Here are some pictures of the boys with their Uncle Breck. Look for a video later this week of a fun game he was playing with them outside.

Just a reminder on this Monday morning that I am still looking for more people to walk with us at the upcoming March for Babies. If you can’t walk, please donate! Click here for details.

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